STG International Inc. Dental Hygienist in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Dental Hygienist

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Job Description

STGi is currently seeking qualified Dental Hygienist to provide services at the Naval Dental Clinic Camp Lejeune, NC.

The duties include but are not limited to:

  • The Dental Hygienist shall refer patients to staff specialists for consultative opinions and continuation of care and shall see the patients of other staff health care providers who have been referred for consultation and treatment.

  • Oversee and manage periodontal patient recall programs.

  • Review patient's medical and dental history for evidence of past and present conditions such as medical illnesses and use of drugs which may complicate or modify dental hygiene treatment.

  • Examine teeth and surrounding tissues for evidence of caries, periodontal disease and then record findings.

  • Inspect head and neck, examine mouth, throat and pharynx for evidence of disease such as oral cancer and/or soft tissue pathosis.

  • Expose, develop and interpret radiographs to identify tooth structure, periodontal support and other abnormalities such as periodontal bone loss, periapical pathosis, caries, defective restorations, improper tooth contours and contact relationships.

  • Refer suspected medical conditions, hard and soft tissue abnormalities, caries, periapical and periodontal pathosis and traumatic or suspicious lesions to the dental officer for evaluation.

  • Perform pit and fissure sealant applications.

  • Develop dental hygiene treatment plans for patients including assessment of the problem, type and extent of treatment required and sequence of appointments to complete treatments.

  • Obtain blood pressure on patients presenting for treatment.

  • Perform complete oral prophylaxis and non-surgical periodontal treatment on ambulatory patients using ultrasonic and hand instruments.

  • Perform subgingival scaling, root planing and curettage under local anesthesia administered by a dental officer and perform topical fluoride applications.

  • Polish teeth and apply disclosing solutions, fluorides, desensitizing agents and other topical medications to the teeth for the purpose of controlling caries and dentinal hypersensitivity.

  • Maintain patient records in accordance with Joint Commission and DTF/MTF requirements.

  • Comply with applicable quality assurance standards for preventive dentistry.

  • Instruct patients, individually and in group seminars, in proper oral hygiene using a variety of aids such as models of teeth, slides, toothbrushes, floss, disclosing tablets, mirrors, interproximal brushes and rubber tips.

  • Plan and adapt oral home care techniques to the specific need of the individual patient.

  • Explain causes of caries and periodontal disease to patients and the importance of nutrition in maintaining dental and systemic health.

Required Skills

  • Monitor, provide technical direction and assist in training dental technicians involved in direct patient care to perform scaling, prophylaxes, polishing procedures, fluoride applications and oral home care instructions. This may include preparing and presenting scheduled lectures to staff.

  • Maintain a record of patient treatment and number of patients treated.

  • Record oral condition of teeth and supporting tissues, type of therapy provided and progress notes.

  • Clean and maintain instruments and insure their sterility.

  • Treat acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis.

  • Assist in Oral Diagnosis Sick call to include exposing and developing periapical, bitewing and panoral radiographs.

  • Provide oral prophylaxis, preventive dentistry procedures and non-surgical periodontal therapy to active duty military personnel and eligible beneficiaries.

  • Clean and maintain the work area to meet the clinic's standards, and may be assigned other duties as directed by the Commanding Officer, consistent with the normal duties of a dental hygienist.

  • As a member of a professionally diverse team, the HCW contributes in a positive manner to team building and morale.

  • May be assigned other duties consistent with the normal duties of a dental hygienist as directed by the Commanding Officer to include, but not limited to, participating in command quality improvement and assurance meetings, etc.

  • Administration of local anesthesia (infiltration and block anesthesia) is not a required qualification; however, if the appropriate background training and credentials exist, clinical privileges may be granted.

Required Experience

  • Possess a degree or certificate in dental hygiene from a school of dental hygiene approved by the Council on Dental Education of the ADA.

  • Hold a current, unrestricted license to practice as a dental hygienist in any one of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Have experience as a dental hygienist for at least 12 months within the preceding 24 months, OR have graduated from an ADA approved dental hygiene program within the preceding 12 months.

  • Have either (a) successfully completed at least 12 classroom hours of continuing dental hygiene education within the preceding 18 months which maintain skills and knowledge in dental hygiene and preventive dentistry OR (b) graduated from an ADA approved dental hygiene program within the preceding 12 months.

STG International offers an outstanding benefits package which includes Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k with company match and a generous PTO policy. STG International is an EEO compliant organization.

Job Location

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, United States

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